Monday, March 12, 2012

Manic Monday does not begin to describe it

Today was insane!

Let me set the scene...I am currently working two jobs.  My old job of Admin Assistant kept me busy nearly every single day the past year for eight hours a day.  Plus, our Events Coordinator, who was almost my work husband before I decided it just would not work out, uses me all the time to do his work.  So when I was just an Admin Assist, it was fine because I would have just enough spare time to help him design posters or whatever else he needed done.  Now, I am the Volunteer Coordinator, a position that has been empty for a few months so I have 165 applicants that need to be interviewed, they need to have an orientation and they need three training classes....all of which are my responsibility and I have never done any of it before.  Oh and I am self training really as my boss has never run the volunteer program.   They have not yet posted my old position (and I will need to train that person) so I have two full time jobs right now and one paycheck.  Though the paycheck is not the problem; the problem is being insanely busy, trying to keep up with my old job and trying in the midst of that to learn my new job.  

So this morning, the Events guy, my ex almost work husband, starts slamming me with things he needs...stupid things which are not my job.  Then he needed help with the stamp machine, then he wanted me to work one of his events which is not my job and I ignored that email.

Then the high school called with my son in the office.  See, he (The Genius) has broken up with his girlfriend because he decided he might be bi-sexual.   Then Friday night, she called him despite the fact that a week ago her parents told The Genius that they would call the police if HE called HER again.  So she cries to him that she still loves him and misses him and then he puts her on Mute to talk to me and she hangs up on him.  He calls her back and she has her father answer the phone to tell The Genius that she is "Done" and he is not to call her again.  WTF?

So today, he was in his class with one of her friends, who passed him a note asking what had happened between them and The Genius proceeds to write the girl a two page note talking about how crazy his ex was and how she had been committed to an institution for help a few years ago, etc.  Though he was in no trouble, I was furious with him beings he and I had sat up Friday night and I had told him he needed to leave her alone completely.  Basically the principal told them both to stay away from each other, but I am still waiting for the police to show up at the door.  I am so done with teenage romance.

Now in good news...I RAN yesterday!  First time in a year and it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  On top of a run, I also had a walk with MyTod so it was a double day.   Every day is a struggle for me still with weight.  I don't think that is ever going to go away.  It's so hard.  But I am doing the best I can, some days better than others, but always trying to be conscious about it.  

Here's to winning the battle one day and to tomorrow being a better day!

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