Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nag, Nag, nag

Jimnotmike and Tod have been griping at me about lack of blogging.  I think about blogging a lot.  It is just a time thing and a trying to get my thoughts together thing.  I do know that I am far more accountable about things when I am blogging and that reason alone should be enough of a reason to get on it again.  

I am still working on getting back on target with exercise and eating.  Eating has been improving but exercise not so much.  I have been walking Rhys a few nights a week but Michael had a temporary schedule change at the Y so I have not been to kickboxing in about three weeks.  He should be back this week thankfully but really, that is no excuse for not getting to the gym.  I have also had the joy of being diagnosed with arthritis in my left knee and I think it is also in my left hip.  This has been a bit problematic but I am trying to work around it.  Getting more weight off will help with the knee undoubtedly.

A Facebook friend directed me to this:

Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker
This is called Fitbit and in reading about it, it not only sounds cool but the reviews on it are mostly very positive.  To steal from the Amazon description for those of you who are interested:

Track All Day Activity
Using a 3-D motion sensor, Fitbit Ultra tracks all the details about your daily activity that conventional pedometers would miss. When worn close to the body, this device tracks daily steps, number of stairs climbed, distance traveled, calories burned, and overall intensity of the activity level. Fitbit Ultra also contains an altimeter to track stairs or hills climbed. The compact design of the Tracker makes it easy to wear tucked into your pocket, clipped to a belt or bra all day.
Track Your Sleep
You can also wear the Tracker at night with the included Fitbit wristband to monitor how long and how well you sleep. Fitbit Ultra will monitor when you fall asleep and how many times you woke up throughout the night to provide a sleep efficiency index.
Achieve Real Results With Fitbit
Fitbit Ultra can help you reach your exercise, diet and overall wellness goals. In fact, Fitbit users increase their daily steps by 43 percent and have lost an average of 13 pounds.*
Wirelessly Uploads Data to
To help you gauge your progress, Fitbit Ultra wirelessly uploads your fitness data to automatically whenever you're within 15 feet of your computer--no need to take time out of your busy day to enter stats.
Track Your Fitness Trends and Goals Online
At, you'll enjoy free online tools that show how your activity measures up over time and keep you motivated, with no monthly fee required. Your dashboard quickly shows you how close you are to achieving your weekly goals on calories burned, steps taken, and other fitness goals.
Fitbit makes fitness fun by translating your real accomplishments into real life examples. For instance, tracking that you've climbed 22 floors is the same as climbing to the top of the Statue of Liberty. To keep you motivated, you can earn badges for daily and lifetime fitness activities.
Social and Community Tools For Encouragement
Invite friends through email or through Facebook to connect on to build a fitness network. Set collaborative or competitive challenges together, or tap into the growing community to access tips and receive encouragement. With Fitbit, it's like working out with a group of virtual friends every day.
Log Food and Workouts
You can build a complete picture of your overall fitness by logging foods and workouts. The Fitbit database has over a 100,000 specific food items for you to select from. Enter workout specifics from yoga, Pilates, elliptical workouts, boot camp, spinning, kickboxing, and even Wii games from the workout database. Fitbit's Food Goal feature shows you the range of calories you should stick to every day to reach your weight loss goals, and dynamically adjusts based on your day's activities. You can also track your weight and other health indicators like blood pressure, glucose, and heart rate.

And that is only a part of the stuff it does.  There is an app for my phone with it as well.  If The Brit gets it for me for my birthday, I will report back on how it performs.  I have always been enthralled by the BodyBugg they use on The Biggest Loser but that bad boy runs at least $150.00.  FitBit seems to do the same stuff for a lesser price and the website to use is free...not sure about the website for the Bugg. 

I will try to be more regular around here!  Also wanted to again change the blog name but have not figured out how to do it!

Oh and I am again between churches.  Taking a break from Christians for awhile....


  1. So nice to see you back darling and it was great hanging with you at FPF on Friday night. Schmooches!

  2. So glad you are back! I gave up on the church thing a long time ago - too much politics and nit enough worshipping. We need to get a group to meet weekly and do a Bible Study...we could pick out a study and discuss it each week, meet for dinner or something.

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  4. For some reason my last comment posted twice - grrrr..... Anyway, come up with a new title for your blog and create it as new. We can then export the old one to your hard drive and then import it to the new one.

    You are so like me - I've changed my blog name SO MANY TIMES!