Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Manic Monday

and it followed a really busy, peanut butter egg making Sunday!  Sunday's sermon, first of all, was amazing.  I really, really like our pastor; he has a way of just capturing your attention immediately and keeping it the whole time.  Quite a novelty in my life!

Then I was back at church at 2:00 with my Bible study girl group to work on making Easter eggs to sell.  We mixed up a buttload of peanut butter cream and melted a ton of chocolate and we only had four molds that made 8 eggs each.  And we had a goal of 600 eggs.  Go ahead and laugh.  We made just over 100 eggs yesterday and about 32 chocolate suckers.  So we are back in there next Sunday to try to get the other 500 eggs finished.  But I had a great time.  We laughed a lot, talked a lot, joked a lot and I was once again so thankful to those somewhat misguided people at my old church who caused me to leave because if they had not have acted as they had, I would still be there spiritually sinking and trying to meet every single demand of people who only wanted things done but did not want to participate in accomplishing it.  But their meanness resulted in my happiness in my spiritually life and my professional life.  Maybe I should send some Thank You cards?  Ya think?

Tonight I was back at the gym after not working out for a week due to being sick last week and it was nice to get my sweat on again.  I always feel so much better for working out.

Have you noticed the increase in reality shows about weight?  We started out with The Biggest Loser and now we have "Too Fat for Fifteen", "Heavy" and one called "Ruby".  We are in so much trouble as a nation that these shows keep cropping up all over the place as there are no problems casting them obviously.

My teenager still thinks I am dumb as rocks.  My mother had to take him to the doctor for me today and he called me afterward to tell me he was going to my mother's house as neither of them had their house keys to the house and The Lawyer had gone to the batting cages with a neighbor.  I asked him if he knew where his key was and he said yes.  I knew he was lying then.  So when I get home from the gym he is there and I tell him to go get his key to which he replies "I have to find it first." I told him he had no option; he had to find it.  An hour later and after much banging around upstairs, he comes down and I ask him if he found his key and he tells me "yes."  I ask where it is and he says "In my hand."  I say "Let me see it." and he says "Why?"  Yeah, he has it.  Whatever.  So he got told off, and told he was grounded until he found the stupid key.

He may be married with kids by then.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why is it Okay to Throw Them Away?

Did ya'll get to look at that eagle cam?  Is that not a GREAT camera?  

You are going to be getting some animal posts again as I am back in the industry again after five years and technically, other than being a writer, the animal industry is a dream job for me.  Though I am not working directly with the animals, I am working FOR them and there is no where else I'd rather be.  

What blows my mind and has always blown my mind (and you all who are my FB friends know I have talked about this before) is why do people consider animals dispensable?  If they don't act the way you want them to, or if you have a baby and suddenly have concerns about having a dog, or if they have bathroom issues, or if they suddenly encounter medical problems, people think they can just drop them off somewhere and be done with them.  Now granted, any of those things mentioned above are problems, but let me tell you something else, compared to the issues I can have with my kids (who never act the way I want them to!) the pet problems are no big deal!  

My pets have never been disposable to me.  They are my other kids with fur.  When my human kids tick me off, obviously I am not taking them somewhere else to live and hoping for the best, no matter how much in the moment I may want to!  The same goes for my cats (and soon to be dog).  They don't get thrown away when things don't go the way I think they should go.

And here's the other thing.  When you get a pet, you should go into that situation knowing that times they are going to cost you money; maybe a lot of it.  Most important?  You must have them spayed or neutered.  If you are planning to breed them for a profit that is one thing (not the way I would go but I don't want to tick off any breeders) but otherwise, stop them from accidental breeding.  All it does is fill up our shelters with unwanted animals.  Here's a wake up call: One unspayed dog and her offspring can lead to 67,000 dogs in six years. One unspayed cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in seven years.  Sounds like a great reason to spay and neuter to me.  Believe me, I am seeing these poor animals that are brought into the shelter, desperate for a home of which a large number of them will not find.  Get your animals spayed and neutered.  I don't care if Snowball will never go outside.  Mine don't go out either but they have, on occasion, played Houdini and gotten out...and it only takes one time.  Get it done.

Your pet will probably also encounter an occasional medical problem that is going to cost you money.  If you have concerns about this, you are not ready to adopt a pet.  If your kids need medical attention, you get it for them.  Your pets should not be any different.

You need to plan before you adopt.  The same way you would plan to have a human child, you need to plan for your furry kid, who will always be a kid.  You will always be their person and they will love you unconditionally.  They deserve the same thing from you.

Monday, March 21, 2011

And I'm Oprah

I'll get to why I am Oprah in a minute.  

I have been battling the creeping crud again.  That thing that disguises itself as a head cold until three days later when all green, indicating infection and me with no sick time till July 1st.  Not that I would call in sick, but seeing a doctor would be nice.  I do, however, have some leftover antibiotics from the sinus infection which I started popping today. I was pretty low key all weekend, just trying to kick this thing; only did some little things around the house and my church stuff on Sunday.  The crud is still hanging on.

Work is still good.  Caught up on all the backlog by last Wednesday.  Today I was actually bored as my boss and our new Events Coordinator went off site to a meeting.  In the absence, I finished what I was doing and then looking around for more work.  I found T, who I LOVE...what a doll...and she asked if I could put away supplies that had just been delivered to the supply closet.  I wound up cleaning out the supply closet, at least 90% of it.  It was in desperate need.

Another interesting story, at least to me.  Last week we had a staff meeting and they made us new kids get up there and introduce ourselves and then opened the floor for anyone to ask us anything, which was rather interesting.  One of the things that came up during my Q&A was that I sing with the praise band at my church.  After the meeting Nice Girl approaches me.  I call her this as she was one of the first people to talk to me and has always been very sweet.  We ended up talking about church and how she was very hurt by her last church (hmmm..sound familar?) and that she had not been in a church for about two years since that.  I told her that I had a similar experience but that I went and found a new church that I have been not only thrilled with, but spiritually uplifted by.  At the end of our conversation, she hugged me and said "I'm so glad you're here!"
Today, NG (Nice Girl) came in and rushed over to me and said "I went to a new church yesterday!  It was like coming home! I had missed going so much!"  She went on to tell me how two people she had not seen in a long time were members there (she did not know this when she walked in the church doors Sunday) and how they were able to reconnect.  Loved seeing her JOY!  Loved seeing how God is already using me in some ways that I am not aware of till they happen which just seals the deal on the fact that I am where I am supposed to be!

So, Oprah!  I have a new favorite thing.  Check this out!  I can't stop watching it, but then I love birds!  And she has some babies under her!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am so in love

I cannot begin to tell you all how much I love my job.  LOVE.  I am just still in awe about the whole amazing thing.  This is the first time in my 30ish years in the workforce that I feel completely and utterly at peace with a job.  I feel like I am where I belong; and it is where God led me to be.

I know I keep talking off and on about the church thing, but here's the thing.  Is it not completely amazing that what was probably one of the worst times in my life caused this amazing new opportunity where I not only feel fulfilled but I am working with people I share common interests with for common goals.  How funny is it that at a time when Christians elected to persecute me God decided to completely fulfill me in ways not even I could imagine.  Once I placed the whole situation in His hands, He delivered me from a place where I could not grow in Him.  I'm just so in awe of the whole thing and how it happened.  I look at the other jobs I interviewed for and I knew that though at the time I would have done almost anything to get out of my current situation, those jobs would not have been right for me and I would not have been happy.  

Then God puts Strat in my path, who was keeping an eye out for jobs for me, who leads me to the Humane Society website, where I apply and hear nothing.  Now, skeptics would say "So why if God was in charge would you not hear anything the first time?"  The reason for me is simple. I needed to learn to forgive those who had hurt me.  I needed to learn to pray for them.  I could not leave there feeling as bitter as I did and still make a true, clean start.

So them God puts Strat's hubby in the path of K, my new boss, (I assume that is who walked into his shop) and though Strat's husband had only met me once, he spoke to K about someone he knew who had applied and had not heard anything.  That caused K to go back and look for my application, which she could not find, and so Strat let me know I needed to reapply, which I did.

Everything fell into place in the time frame it needed to happen, but I still have to smile and offer thanks every time I realize how at peace I am now.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

5K Numero Tres

So I did a St. Patrick's Day 5K today with Leisl that I was not prepared for in any way!  

Leisl met me at the house at 8:00 and we headed to the park across town.   I had been concerned I might have dressed too warmly as the sun was actually out, but that was not the case! We arrived and I walked down to get my packet and shirt and number and we were freezing!  People were actually walking around in shorts and I don't know how they did it.  We walked back up to the car and were going to continue down to the starting line when we realized it was only 8:20 and the race did not start till 9:00.  We elected for car and heat for twenty minutes where we made fun of real runners (not in a mean way, but the folks that run before the race to warm up amaze me... .we were warming up in the car!) until we walked to the starting line.  There were only about 200 people out for this one and next to us at the start was an older lady who was lots of fun and thankfully Leisl and I had no thoughts about out running her as we would have been sorely disappointed!  Older lady kicked butt!

Leisl and I were not together long as she is skinnier and faster, but I ran as much as I could giving zero training the last few weeks and I walked any and all big hills.  By mile 2, I knew I would not beat my last time but I only blew it by about a minute so I can live with that.  I forgot about being cold and got really hot and sweaty but I finished with a new resolve to go back to running more often!

Otherwise I am just in it for the tee shirts!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday 13: I'm Back!

You know, I hope this is not just the honeymoon period because I am loving this job!  The week has flown by in a flurry of being busy and getting to know a lot of really nice people.  Like the church, no one hovers over me to see what I am doing, which I love.  K will walk by every so often on her way to or from her office and ask if I am okay...then she will tell me how much she appreciates how much I am doing, that she is amazed by how much I have accomplished, and she thanks me...for doing my job. Thanking me, to me, is not a necessity.  I am being paid to provide a service to her, but can I tell you how good it feels to know your work means something to someone else?  Pastor extraordinaire never said thanks for anything and I never really realized it until now because being thanked is a new experience.

So I have tons of work to do still to get things caught up where donations are concerned.  I have written 100 plus letters this week and P, the big boss on the site, signs every single one of them by hand, often putting personal notes on them.  These are people dedicated to what they are doing for a greater good.

The only problem I am having is my back has been killing me!  Leaning forward, hovering over a computer screen all day and my mid-back is aching.  I switched chairs today but it didn't help. Would a pillow help?

Okay, Thursday 13!  You ready?

13 things I love about my new job

1. Nice people
2. hour lunches
3. Challenging work
4. fulfilling work!
5. I can listen to my ipod through speakers while I work.
6. Close parking places!
7. I don't have to use my own car to run errands or do things for my job.
8. Casual Fridays
9. I kind of like dressing up a little after not having had to do it since 2001.
10. Weekends off.
11. Prime full time hours
12. Daily dog doses
13. It is only a matter of time before I have a dog of my own.

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Monday, March 7, 2011


Wow!  My mind is all a-jumble after today!

  Of course, the first day the kids are getting themselves off to school and it freakin' snows and they have a delay! But it all seemed to go really well.  I woke up at the butt crack of early at around 5:00 and could not go back to sleep, so I hit the shower early instead, which allowed me to do some cleaning up this morning and to take my time getting ready.

Got to the Humane Society and first filled out a ton of paperwork!  All the normal first day stuff, tax stuff and handbooks and policies, oh my!  After that, my new boss, K, gave me the grand tour as we reviewed how long animals had been on the floor.  See, Mondays are "Pet of the Week" day on our local television station, so we ask the customer service staff, if any animals need a special push to find homes.  We chose one adorable little black kitten and a Blue Tick Coon Hound to have their moments in the spotlight.  So, we finished the tour and then K went over donation data entry and letters that need to go out to the people that donate...and there are A LOT of donations and they are BEHIND as K has not had an Admin and was trying to do her own job and that of a Admin when time allowed.  

Before I knew it, the morning had flown by and we were grabbing a cat carrier and a leash to board our Pets of the Week into the van to head downtown to the television station.  The rather large pup was very excited and was quite the puller on the leash and was my responsibility.  But he could sit on command and hated the van ride.  We then led him through the station and I stood with him n the wings while K talked with the news people on camera about the kitty (whose name was Tippy and he is adorable!  Anyone want a cute, sweet kitty, check him out! Cannot think of the dog's name at the moment...brain overload!).  Once the kitty was returned to the carrier, K motioned to me and I go over and had the dog off to her.  Then when that segment is finished, his leash was back in my hand and we are on our way out of the station and back to the van.

Took my lunch break once we got back and they have a full kitchen.  Got to chat with some of my co-workers and everyone is highly friendly!  One other supervisor of another area told me that "No one bites here except for an occasional dog."  The rest of the day was spent organizing donations and data entry and before I knew it, 5:00 was here.  K told me I could bring in a radio (I am thinking ipod!) and picture and "it's your desk.  Do what you want to with it."

Let work exhausted and went to zumba which helped with the exhaustion.  So there you have day one in a nutshell!

Here We Go

So it is Monday and I was up butt early at just a little after 5:00, though I didn't get out of bed until about 5:40. I'm actually kind of excited about starting the new endeavor today though I may come home tonight thinking "What the hell just happened?"  I think the biggest part of this whole change is for the male people in my life.  Nope, the biggest changes are obviously not going from 20 to 40 hours a week, or having to dress up for work or trying to rearrange my life to fit in exercise.  Nope, the biggest changes are shower schedules being thrown off by nine minutes and kids needing to get up earlier in order to be ready for school by the time I go to work.  This was all proven this morning and no I am not kidding.

I am trying to come up with theme days on the blog so I can get back on schedule with blogging as I have been rather absent lately as Jimnotmike has so obnoxiously kindly been reminding me.  Now that the old church is history, I am going to try to return to Thursday 13.  I am thinking a God day, a work day, a diet/exercise day.  What else are you guys thinking?  Anything of interest to you? 

I will try to blog again later this evening, but not making any promises.  Folks want to know how the first day goes so check here for it.  It will save me from making a kabillion phone calls tonight!

Have a blessed day all!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Okay, Need You All

I have been falling into some terrible habits the last few weeks and they have got to stop!  I know the majority of this has been stressed induced and the stress has not yet stopped completely with the unknown stretching out before me with a new job.  BUT, I have been snacking more.  I have been partaking of dessert a bit more often.  Again, the latter will auto-stop with going full time next week and my lunch dates a thing of the past!  I need to hold myself accountable and I need you all to help hold me accountable!

I refuse to gain weight!  I have lived my life that way and though I am not the size I want to be yet I also do not want to regress!  I said this surgery was for LIFE so falling back into these old, comforting yet terrible habits just cannot be an option for me.  

I don't even like talking about struggling.  I want to be the strong one; the one who has it all figured out and who is not tempted by the unhealthy.  But it simply isn't true. It's all such a balance; life is such a balance and there will always be temptations in our way but I need to return to making the better decisions.

The church is now officially over other than what I will do for them at home.  No more going through those doors or dealing with people who have forgotten how to act like Christians.  My last day was uneventful.  The Church Lady came in again and got emotional with me, Papa Don and the Music Director.  Papa said to me later "You never knew you had such a fan, did you?" Honestly, I did not, but she hugged me again and was tearful when she left.  She is disheartened by what happened to me there and I kind of hope she makes some waves about it.  She's a tough old bird and given the people who have been too afraid to take up for me when they hear someone saying something untrue, I do believe The Church Lady would.  But for me, the chapter is closed and a new one ready to begin.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Final Coundown

So Jimnotmike is getting impatient with my lack o blogging.  Just busy, writing a lot, just not here and no, I am not giving any details on that.

One more day in the hell that is my church job!  Tomorrow is it, peeps!  I am off on Thursday and Friday and start the new endeavor on Monday.  I have made lunch dates for every afternoon this week in honor of my last week of free afternoons and with each lunch I am having a beer.  Don't know why that last part is a goal, but it just is and it has been fun.  Today was my final day of the Lutheran Study from Hell and no one had any sudden revelation that they were acting like children, not that I expected it.  

I actually had a really nice conversation with The Church Lady today.  She had heard, of course, that I had resigned and came in to talk to me.  I had not said one word to her the last four months about anything that happened. Not one word.  But today, she asked.  She knew I had not been coming to church and I told her where I had been going and she had nothing but good things to say about my new pastor.  Then she asked what happened and I gave her a condensed version.  Basically, my thought process was that once I was out the door tomorrow, anything further said about me by those people would be more lies as that is what they have been telling such as I didn't want to be Lutheran and that I had brain washed the youth group.  She was horrified.  Could not believe, like me, that such things went on in a church.  She was teary eyed at the end of our conversation and even said that though she and I did not always see eye to eye, that she enjoyed working with me and that I was easy to work with.  I thanked her for making my job easier by the things she did that I did not have to worry about. It was, hands down, the best conversation I had ever had with her.  Would'a thought?

I still have to hit thrift shops this week for dress clothes for work.  I did find two Coldwater Creek items on Sunday in Chambersburg for the total price of $10.  I love second hand shopping!

The Brit is in Atlanta again this week until late Friday night so I am going out for dinner and drinks Friday night as The Genius is going on a youth retreat and The Lawyer is heading to grandma's house.  Looking forward to it and it keeps me from worrying about Monday.

So there ya go; what has been going on in a nutshell!