Friday, April 30, 2010

Looks Like We Made it!

Nothing like a little Barry Manilow to remind us it is FRIDAY!� Though I find that picture of him rather creepy.� I decided on the title of this entry, punched it into Google and hit "Images" and was amused.

Anyway, yesterday lunch was awesome.� I have great friends.� Truly.� And I spend time with different friends�for different reasons; all are my friends, but I think we find certain things we need within each of our friendships.� Make sense?� Moving on.

Leisl married a widower with two young sons, so she is raising two boys who are not biologically hers, who are now close to the same age as my kids. �Sound familiar?� Moving on.� So she gets it.� She tells me stories and her thoughts on mothering and on her kids and I realize I am not as abnormal as I often think I am for some of the thoughts I have.� I realize that in order to love someone you don't necessarily have to like them and that is okay, because other mothers feel that too.

I have a few other friends raising boys, but they gave birth to them and though many of the issues are the same, raising kids that are not biologically yours has a set of separate challenges.� Mothering them has a whole 'nother set of challenges.� It is a fact that the same sex parent is the most influential person in a child's life.� I am not that same sex parent as I am harshly reminded of each time The Brit has to travel.�

It was also long overdue yesterday for me to spend time with a girl and only with a girl.� I love my male friends dearly, but they are not girls and we think differently.� Holy crap, do we think differently.� But again, discussing these things with Leisl makes me not feel as much on an island alone as I sometimes do at home, living with all males.� It is difficult to not have anyone else there who thinks like a girl and men don't get the way we think anymore than we get the way they think.� That's just the way it is, but the fact remains that there are three people in my house with similar mind sets.�

And then there is me.

But for a few hours yesterday, I was able to connect with someone who thinks as I do and is going through the same parenting challenges as I am and it felt wonderful.� It was rejuvenating and I am so incredibly thankful that Leisl and I were able to reconnect after so many years.� God knew what he was doing.� He knew she and I would need each other for sanity purposes.

And she has signed up to run the 5K with me at the end of May.

And Emily, thank you for the reference about the Road ID.� The Brit surprised me and ordered me one.� Can't wait for it to arrive!

So, everyone have a wonderful weekend.� Stay safe, do something healthy and report back to me on what it is.� I will be running after work today in 80 degree temps, a far stretch from how cold it was on Wednesday.

I leave you with this quote I ran across today and I really liked it:

If you run, you are a runner. It doesn't matter how fast or how far. It doesn't matter if today is your first day or if you've been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run.

John Bingham, running writer and speaker



Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday 13: The Pay Taxes and Die Edition

No real theme today, so you just get the stuff that has been foremost on my mind the last few days.� Aren't you lucky?

  1. I got a text from The Chosen One's wife on Tuesday, stating she was considering having her parents and my mother over for Mother's Day.� She wanted to know my thoughts on that.� I told her "I would rather eat crap." that we had other plans.� I called my mother and told her the situation and she asked me "How long are you going to keep this up?"� Huh?� Hello?� First off, I am a mother too, so doesn't that make Mother's Day about me as well and if I don't want to spend it in the company of The Chosen Ones, I think that is my prerogative.� Also, need I remind the mother that The Chosen Ones not once last summer could be bothered to attend a fire pit?� They told her they sent me an email explaining why they apparently could NEVER attend, but I never got an email.� So either cyberspace ate it or it was never sent and guess which one of those I believe?

  2. So in honor of those circumstances, let's get something straight.� I am 43 years old and for me, that means I have earned the right to not do things I don't want to do that are optional or suit someone else, especially people I spend the LEAST amount of time with in any given year.�

  3. The other thing about this that annoys me is that The Mother never stands up to my brother because he gets defensive and then gets mean.� So as The Mother is 81, I can understand not wanting to get into a pissing match with that ass clown.� But what happens instead is she blasts�me with "How long are you going to keep this up?" because she won't stand up to him and she knows I am not mean-spirited so therefore will not say anything harsh back to her because she is 81 and my mother.� Which is totally not fair.� Either I become a mean bitch or I just have to take it from her and in order to not have any regrets regarding her, I have to take it.

  4. However I am still not going over there on Mother's Day.� They can bite me.

  5. Most of this post will probably be of the complaining nature because I am totally pmsing.

  6. I am still trying to work out a day to go see Tod's show in Martinsburg.� Was going to go with Kelly on the 22nd but The Brit is going golfing for a week (I am starting to understand what my married girlfriends meant about becoming a golf widow) in Florida and I have to pick him up from the airport on the 22nd in the late afternoon, which would mean maybe being late for the show if his plane were not on time or traffic or whatever.� Kelly cannot go on the 16th which is the Saturday before so now I am waiting to hear if she can maybe do Friday the 21st.� Mandy is also going to go I think, so at least if Kelly and I can't work out a date (and I really hope we can as I rarely get to see she or Mandy!) I still have one other adult to go with.

  7. Ran in the wind yesterday for two miles, again, running more than walking.� It was cold and windy and rough but fact is that it could be windy on 5K day.� Lots more training yet to do but am going to just do some cross training today at the gym after�a sushi lunch with Leisl.

  8. Got to visit with Shiloh and her daughter, Emma, for a bit yesterday.� I sat with Emma and we worked a puzzle while Shiloh had her radiation and then we walked to the snack bar as Emma wanted a drink and we stood and chatted for a bit.� We talked about running and Shiloh's goals for getting into shape once her treatment is finished.� She has a goal for us to run/walk the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Marathon .� She has done it before and I think it is a great goal for both of us.� Obviously not running the whole thing, but completing it.� We are looking at 2011 I believe and it would be a great girl's weekend away.� I am being a good golf widow so at times The Brit will have to occasionally be a running widow

  9. I have discovered that I really enjoy goal setting.� It is good for my spirit and gives me things to work toward.�

  10. I got very frustrated yesterday exploring the option of eating locally.� Looking at farms for meats, but it is incredibly expensive!� I totally get the health benefits of doing it without getting all those antibiotics and growth hormones and all the other crap the food industry puts into their foods, but holy moly, ya'll!� What are the tricks to being able to afford it?

  11. Today is "Pay it Forward Day" and I have to work out where to do that.� I like the idea of doing something anonymous for a total stranger.� Have to find me a stranger.

  12. Fire pit tomorrow night as the weather is to be good.� YAY!

  13. We are almost to Friday, people.� Let's finish the week strong!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Product Review

I have been jonesing to try greek yogurt for months now but could not bring myself to pay the price of the Fage brand.� Then last week on "The Biggest Loser", Bob Harper was talking to one of his contestants about the new Yoplait Greek yogurt and since that moment I was obsessed with finding it.� A few of our grocery chains were not yet carrying it and I given up as hard to find products are generally never at Walmart, but lo and beyond, I found the stuff at Walmart yesterday.

They carried both the strawberry and the honey vanilla flavors, so I purchased both and as I am typing this, I have tried both (not back to back, mind you).� The stuff is good, people!� I have a preference to the strawberry and I did mix some fresh strawberries with it, so I think mixing a fruit with the honey vanilla would be a good idea for me too.� I don't dislike it, the strawberry is just more to my taste.��

�A 6oz container holds 130 calories, 18g of sugar, which I find a little high, but the good news is that it boosts 12g of protein, baby!� It has the consistency of egg custard, so thicker than most yogurt but very flavorful and I am not getting that disgusting protein after taste.� And did I mention they were $1?� And if you�go here , you can get a coupon like I did!� Great snack before a run!� I give it two thumbs up!

And as The Brit reads here, I think I found what I would like for Mother's Day and remember I am a cheap date.� I have issues that some of the clothes I run in lack any pockets at all.� So I am stuffing both my keys and my ipod into my bra which means wet stuff when I am finished and ewwww.� Don't really want to blow up ipod due to boob sweat as�another blogger has already done that.�� So I did some researching and found this .� They have some other alternatives as well, but this would hold my ipod, keys and my ID is probably a good idea to have with me too, in case I stop for a beer drop dead� need it.� For $24 I think it would suit my needs perfectly.� Thanks honey!

Okay peeps, it is hump day.� Go do something to celebrate that we are almost to the weekend!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Am I PMSing or Are They?

Good grief, they have been making me insane the last twenty-four hours!��Seriously!� The Brit came home cranky last night, so when that happens I try to just not say much.� Then my youngest son went to bed with his ipod and closed his door, both of which are no-no's because he lays awake watching movies or whatever on the thing and then has school in the morning for which he becomes next to impossible to get out of bed.� So last night a little after ten, I went upstairs to find his bedroom door closed and upon opening it, not only was a cat trapped in there (I had been hearing a cat cry for 30 minutes but when you have six, someone is always talking) but he was lying in bed watching a movie and immediately pretended to be asleep.� I unplugged the ipod from his headphones, said "Nice fake, son." and left the room.� He has lost ipod privileges for two days.

The teenager drinks all his milk (we have resorted to buying each boy a 1/2 gallon of milk a week, because the teen was sucking down half a gallon in one morning because there was Quik in the house, leaving after two days, no milk for younger son or husband, though he rarely drinks it). So teen ran out of milk and then started on younger son's�milk, which led to whining and complaining.� I no longer buy chocolate for the milk, so maybe going back to the gallon in the answer.� Whoever said boys were easier did not have my boys.

So yesterday, the weather cooperated enough that I was able to go run at the fairgrounds and did WAY better than I did Friday.� Ran more of it than walked and was not hurting from it last night.� Plan to repeat this exercise tomorrow.� My eating was also right on target yesterday.� Now if the male population would just give me some love all would be good.

Today I have a haircut followed immediately by a gynecologist appointment.� How fun is that?� Hate going to those things but I know they are necessary.� Only upside is knowing that after today it will be done for a year...though apparently I missed last year's appointment.� Oops.� Which means they will probably want a mammogram too.� The fun never ends.

Still no takers on the 5K, other than a few who offered to be there in spirit.� That's okay.� If no one comes with me, I will go alone.� I am the one challenging myself after all, so I don't need a fellow runner or a�cheering section or any of that.� Those things are nice perks, but not essentials.� I love being challenged and I love the idea of training.� I know for many of you, a 5K is probably a walk in the park and maybe one day it will be that for me, but for right now, it is a very big deal and I'm very excited.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Great Weekend and Taking the Plunge Monday

The weekend rocked my socks off.� Friday night fire pit fun with Tod, Em, Dave, Kristin, Kevin, Robyn and The Brit.� Saturday was church clean up, sushi for lunch (my ultimate favorite food) and then a wedding.� Wedding was lovely, reception was excellent.� Our table went through 3 large bottles of wine...and really only 3 of us were drinking it for the most part.� So, laughter and line dancing and great fun.� Sunday, The Brit, Tod and I went to Annapolis for Spring Fling, which was kind of small, but we also went down and perused the shops at the harbor, so we had a really good time.� Awesome weekend, but now it is back down to business.

Weekend fun also includes food and I have been really lax lately and need to get completely back on track.� Wedding meant wedding cake and ice cream (best wedding cake I have ever had!).� Yesterday involved too much bread.� My scale this morning showed a two pound loss which surprised the hell out of me (but I am still losing and gaining the same 5 pounds for the last year) but I won't argue.� So, I need to focus on less snacking. Even though the snacks are not too bad for me�most of the time, they are primarily empty calories, meaning they are of no healthy use to my body.� Multi grain pretzels are not giving me essential vitamins or anything; yes, it is fine to indulge in them here and there but my here and there has been all over the place lately.

I took a scary plunge today and signed up for a 5K on May 29th (Holy Crap, still cannot believe I did that!).� Basically this means I need to get my ass outside and running over the course of the next month as my outside stamina is not brilliant.� Tod and I ran outside on Friday and I can run maybe a half mile before having to walk for a few minutes.� Nothing wrong with that.� I want to stress that for any runner wannabes but I want to improve on that in order to challenge myself, which means getting outside more than running on the treadmill.� I plan on an outside run today after work providing it is not pouring down rain.� Wet is fine, drizzle is doable, treachall downpour not so much.� So, anyone want to run/walk this puppy with me?�Leisl?� Tod?� Anyone?� I plan to run as far as I can, and walk when I need to.� I don't care if I run, walk or crawl across the finish line last, I just want to finish.� I have not been working towards speed but distance, so the goal is to just do it.� So who is with me?� Oh and the proceeds go to getting clean, drinkable water to communities that need it, so that should inspire someone, I would think.� And if that doesn't do it, you get a free shirt. Go to Project 320 to sign up.� It only cost $20.

That's it for today, peeps.� Happy Monday and only four more days till the weekend!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Too Much To Do Today!

This is rather how I feel today but I still have a bunch of stuff to do.� I always use the time when The Brit is gone to pay attention to some stuff I have been ignoring, like cleaning JJ's room, and cleaning our room.� One would not think that not having to do anything fancy for dinner could make such a difference in time but it does.� I don't have to think of what to cook, I don't have to figure out if I have all the ingredients, I don't have to prep it or make it or get it on the table at a certain time.� I know some people plan out their meals a month in advance, but I am not programmed that way.� I'm lucky if I know two hours before dinner what recipe I am following.

So did the whole field trip yesterday and then came home and cleaned our room, vacuumed the whole house, finished laundry, dealt with a neighbor and around 8:00 was finally able to sit down and chill.� Today, I have dropped off a buttload of stuff at Goodwill and worked and the kids are out of school at 1:00.� Aaron is going to mow the grass of a church member and JJ and I have errands to run, like get a wedding gift, pick up Aaron's� meds, stop at a grocery store.� Then home for JJ to mow our grass, me to clean the bathroom and get ready for fire pit night and then meet Tod to run some drills on the track.� I've only gotten two workouts in this week and one of them wasn't a good one, so I need to push things a bit today.

Tonight I am just looking forward to having a glass of wine in my hand and being around friends I adore.�

Just get me there!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Annapolis or Bust and Thursday 13

So today was the Annapolis trip and it had a rough-ish start for me.� Nothing major, just reminders that my mind is indeed 43.� Case in point, mixing up my Crystal Lite water and then leaving it sit on the kitchen counter.� Or grabbing an issue of Runner's World to read on the bus and grabbing the issue I had already read instead of the new one.� Stupid stuff.

But we got there and my group of five kids was paired off with another woman's group of four kids.� Now these field trips are kind of frenzied in my opinion, but it is the nature of the beast.� Two hour bus ride so we arrived in the state capitol at 10:30 and we have until 12:15 to do any of the following things:

Tour the Naval Academy

Tour the State House


Have ice cream

Like nine 4th graders can decide to do only one thing and do it well.� Just san'.� So we headed for the Academy, gave it a lick and a promise to do it better one day and spent a good twenty minutes in the gift shop.� My purchase?� A water bottle.� JJ's purchase? Freeze dried ice cream.

Then we bust to moved to the State House.� The kids learned nothing as we had to be quiet and keeping nine 4th graders focused is like herding chickens.� Had a lot of trouble keeping their volume down, so we got out of there pretty fast.

A word about my co-chaperone, who was another parent.� Rather useless.� We were told our two groups had to stay together, so she is mapping out where her group wants to go, ignoring my group and then she just takes off with her four kids.� I roll my eyes, and herd my peeps to keep up with her as we go to the Naval Academy...and she gets lost getting there.� So I take over, follow the signs and get us to the Visitor's Center.� Once inside, she and her kids keep wandering off, even though her kids were longing to get to the gift shop.� We had already viewed the exhibits once and she was trying to get them through again.

Then she gets lost on the way to the State House, so again, I take over, ask directions and lead the way.� She is letting her kids run all over the grass at the State House, which is blocked off, and I am insisting they get back on the walk way.� Seriously?� We get to the front of the State House and she starts moaning because there are a lot of steep steps, so as I was about done with her, I raced the kids up and we all laughed and had a good time, while waiting for her and one other boy, which I will talk about in a minute.

So we get out of the State House and chicky babe again takes the lead and gets us lost.� So I ask directions from a lady and get us back down to the harbor and to the ice cream shop. One little girl only had two dollars to spend which would not even get her an ice cream cone, so I covered her.� The kids and chicky babe all got ice cream and I got the guy working to fill up my water bottle.�� YAY water!

From there another gift shop and then it was lunch time at the docks.


Me trying to take a pic of JJ and myself.

After eating, it was board the boat for a 40 minute boat ride, which for the kids was less about the history and more about the snack bar, but it was relaxing and the weather was awesome.� At the end of the tour, they played line dancing music and JJ's teacher boogied down with her students.

To be young and that cute.

Then when we left Annapolis, we apparently took a wrong turn because we wound up going over the Bay Bridge and then having to come back and cross it again.� I think our driver was distracted by all the noise on the bus.

One kid today ripped my heart out.� Ten years old, easily 160 pounds.� He was always in the back of the pack and judging by his lunch, his parents have no idea about nutrition, or can't afford to know much about it.� Though the kid was dressed well, he had a LARGE bag of sour cream and onion chips to go along with his lunch and he polished it off.� Not sure what else he had as I had other kids vying for my attention, but I just felt so bad for him.� Been there, done that, though he was far heavier than I was at that age.� Just wish I could start a revolution here for elementary school kids.� With any luck, this kid will have a major growth spurt and even out some, but I dunno.� Sometimes I just wish I could help.

But all in all, a good day.� Now, bring on Friday!

I don't want to forget Thursday 13, so today, I was thankful for these 13 things:


  1. Great weather.� Not too hot, not too cold.� Just right.

  2. Getting to watch JJ interact with his friends.� Too cute.

  3. For the little girl who told JJ "Your mom looks cute."� Way better than looking old!

  4. For having a rapport with the kids.

  5. For JJ's teacher, who can really engage the kids.

  6. For being able to race up the steps to the Capitol

  7. For the amazing boat ride

  8. For knowing I could have bought a Navy t-shirt and could have found one to fit...but I was not going to spend $17.95.

  9. For a safe journey to and from Annapolis

  10. For a new water bottle and for now being such a stickler for water that not having one was simply not acceptable!

  11. For my crockpot which had dinner ready when we got home

  12. For peace and quiet at this very minute

  13. For tomorrow being Friday and a fun filled weekend planned!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Epic Fail

In the last two years, I honestly cannot say that I have ever had a "bad" workout.

Until today.

The whole day was off for me.� Some people were outside in a truck at like 2:30 this morning talking..sounded like a garbage truck but it was not trash night for our neighborhood.� Then at like 5:00 am, Alex the cat seemed to want out of the bedroom, as she was meowing and walking all over us, but when The Brit got up to let her out, she refused to go, but again, I was awake.� Then as The Brit was flying to Atlanta this afternoon, he was home this morning and trying to get the sewing machine to work and not having any luck and Tod, you were at work this time!� But he kept exploding at the machine which had me on edge.� Yes, I explode at inanimate objects from time to time, but him doing, just puts me on the brink of something, which is odd as I don't consider myself a nervous person.�

anyway, got to work and the time flew by because Paula was there and we got to catch up a bit.�

Leisl and I were supposed to go to lunch but she had to cancel so that was off for me as well, so right after work I headed to the gym.� At the Y there are two different kinds of treadmills and I have a preference for the larger ones.� I really have to step up to get on it, but I can see everything that is going on, plus they have little fans in them.� When I got there, my first two choices were taken and even my backup treadmill was tied up.� I stretched and did a little kettlebell work in the hopes one of my faves would become available but it didn't happen.� So I took the last large treadmill which was over in the corner next to the wall....and it was hot in the corner.

Now, a little background on my morning food.� I had my usual oatmeal and banana and then when I was at work I was chowing on Twizzlers.� What is it about me and the chewy shit?� Before my surgery, it was chocolate, but not now!� I have got to get away from this stuff!� For lunch I had leftover pasta and clams...not much of it but some.� This is all foreshadowing, peeps.

So, hot in the corner but I started my run and found my pace fairly quickly and all was well.� Briefly.� I got to really, really sweating, but assumed it was due to lack of air circulation where this treadmill sat.� Until I started to feel discombobulated and shaky.� Yeah.� An episode of hypoglycemia probably due to Twizzlers and pasta.� I forced myself to finish out the mile at a walk and then headed outside to my car for a piece of hard candy.� I went back inside and sat at the bench for about ten minutes, allowing my sugar to regulate and then decided to try for the remaining 2.1 miles.� I started at a fast walk, as I calculated how I was feeling.� I broke into a run again but just couldn't do it.� It all felt off and I couldn't find my pace.� So I walked another mile and called it a day.

This really bothered me.� I tend to walk into the gym with a goal for the day and I ALWAYS� achieve it, but today, I didn't.� I felt like a giant, fat failure.� I know that is not really the case but it is how I feel about today's workout.

So, when I got home and watched last night's "Biggest Loser", I decided to go upstairs and switch out JJ's clothes as he has been wanting his summer stuff.� Somehow that task turned into a four and a half hour room cleaning!� The kid is a borderline hoarder; he throws nothing away.� Holy crap, it was insane.� He has two long, cedar closets in his room and they were PILED with stuff.� When he got home from school at six, he helped me finish it, though even with the two of us, we didn't finish till about 8:30.� He messes it up tomorrow and he may not live long.

Tomorrow, Annapolis with the 4th grade class.� Yee Haw.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Well, I Did It

So despite the possible UTI, I ran 3.1 yesterday and it was no easier than it was the first time.� Gonna do it again tomorrow too.� Woo Hoo!

After my run, I headed over to the Red Cross to give blood.� There is a very sweet and friendly elderly lady who checks you in and she is always willing to chat.� So we were chatting and as I walked over to take a seat,she says "What is that on your leg?"

"Oh this?" I turn so my orca whale tattoo is facing her, "It's a whale."

"Pretty small whale!"

"Well, it was my first one.� Got him like 15 years ago."

"Ya got another one?"

"Yes, a Pooh Bear on my shoulder."

"Is he bigger?"

"Yeah, he's a little bigger than I wanted.� I want one more, on my foot."

She walks out from behind her desk and turns her own leg towards me.� She has a tat of some kind of bird; a dove or an eagle, not sure of which and she is smiling proudly as she says, "Got that for my 81st birthday!"

I laugh, "I think that is awesome!"� and I do, I really do.

She turns to show me the other leg, which has a much smaller tattoo, "This was my first one, for my 80th birthday."

"How old are you now?"

"85...and I want another one."

I want to be her when I am 85.� How cool is she?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap


Are you ready?� I ran my first treadmill 5K!� See, I suck at math....and anything regarding numbers at all, so don't judge me.� I have had it in my head that a 5K was 3.5 miles.� So, having recently worked up to 2.5 miles, another mile seemed a long way off in my future.� But then last week, I came to the discovery that a 5K was not 3.5 miles but 3.1 miles!� For some reason in my mind, that seemed totally doable!� So I told myself if I made it on Friday, I could end my workout week with it; no weights or crunches or any of that.� That was a brass ring worth reaching for and I did!� Go me!�

I wanted to do it again today, but I'm iffy now.� I'm having lower right girl-type pain that might be a kidney or bladder infection�maybe.� We'll see.� Either way, I need to pick up some cranberry juice.

Any hopes of a fire pit was rained out on Friday which put me in a mood because it was the one thing I had going on for the weekend.� But thunderstorms which blew in a cold front put an end to that for me.� The Brit got to go golfing and I seemed peeved at him when he got home late, but really it was the weather.� I want the warm work weeks and cold weekends to stop!


Breakfast, Lowes, grocery store.� I know, you so wish you were me right about now, don't you?� My life is so exciting.� Then The Brit went off to a stag party for his friend who is getting married this coming weekend.� I dealt with kids, watched television and made Tod come over to entertain me.


Church and then we went to see "Alice in Wonderland" finally!� Very good movie but then I am a huge Johnny Depp fan.� Whole thing was well cast, though still pretty weird, just like the book.� Then mom came over for dinner for which The Brit made a seafood pasta dish that was to die for.� I actually just finished some leftovers for lunch and even enjoyed it more the second time 'round.� Rest of the night, laundry, lunches packed, television.� Again, I know you are drooling over my adventurous weekend.

So this week is filling up fast.� Someone in my family elected to listen to a message on the machine about a reminder for Aaron's doctor appt last Tuesday, but failed to let me know, so we missed that one, which is not good as this is his med doctor.� SO!� Today, gym and then I give blood and then pick up cranberry juice.� Then home to be a tired vegetable from the blood giving.� Brit has a council meeting tonight, so me and kids.�

Tomorrow, Aaron's rescheduled doc appt and grocery store.

Wednesday, I think lunch with Leisl and The Brit leaves for a three day business trip.

Thursday, Annapolis with a bunch of 4th graders.

Friday, who knows?

Next week, I have a hair apppointment, a gyno appointment and a PCP appt about coming off zoloft.�

Sure you don't wanna be me?� Just for a day?

Friday, April 16, 2010


Some days I just wake up with someone or some situation I am aware of in the forefront of my mind.� Because I care so deeply for people, I always have the desire to want to reach out fix the problem for someone, which is a very arrogant of me thing to say, really, because it is so easy to stand back and decide what someone else is doing�that�is maybe toxic to themselves�and so much harder to look at ourselves and see our own issues.� But I have spent the last three years looking very deeply inside of my own problems with food and feeling vulnerable and making bad choices and have solved some, but not all of it...for now.� I would never be cocky enough to say "I have that licked for life." because we all know things can change in a heartbeat.�

I think that sometimes we make the same bad decisions over and over and over again, not because we don't "get it" but because it is simply convenient.� Is is what we are accustomed to doing.� It is our knee-jerk reaction to a given situation that we find ourselves in too many times.� We also find ourselves at the end of that day beating ourselves up about why we fell into that trap once more.� We knew better.� We know it never works out, but still we do it, hoping somehow, in some way, it will be different this time.� But it never is.

It is so difficult to look at our situation, whatever it may be, and admit that it isn't working for us any longer, or maybe it never worked for us to begin with, but we kept hoping for a different outcome.� Addictions and bad habits are not only toxic to us, but to those who love us.� They have to pick up the pieces of our broken life when we have once again smacked ourselves into a clear glass door, forgetting that there was glass separating us�on the inside to the prize we desire on the outside.� We see what it is we want on the other side and we sprint for it, like we have so many times in the past, only to feel the pain of hitting up against the tough as nails barrier and never being able to reach what it is we are certain we want and need.� It's convenient to do, because we have always done it that way.

Some people learn quickly�and it may only take them one or two times of smacking up against that wall, but others seem to take much longer to understand that they need to re-evaluate and change the behavior of what they are doing.� It's not easy to do.� Old habits, either good or bad, do indeed die hard.� Weight, cigarettes, bad relationships, addiction, gambling, whatever your vice is that is not healthy for you, the fact that it is not healthy doesn't make it any easier to give up, until we allow ourselves to have that moment of clarity.�

Nothing easy about taking a step back and taking a good, hard look at how we have handled ourselves in the past, dissecting it and discovering that we really are a mess.� And we are all a big ole mess when you get right down to it.� I have never met anyone who has their stuff all together, not even the people that look like they do ever truly have it all figured out.� Life is a messy game.� No doubt about that and we all have our vices or issues even if we are very good at keeping them hidden.� We can't hide from ourselves.� We can try.� We can ignore our own damaging behavior; we can not look too hard at it because we are afraid of what we may see, but can we really do that forever?

I guess some would say "yes", that we can can do it and we can take our mess to the grave with us, but in so many ways, I find that really sad.� Because if life isn't about figuring out as much as we can to make this part of our journey as enjoyable and meaningful as possible, then what is it?� Just because we've "always done it that way" doesn't mean we should continue to do it that way.� Change is hard, but often really worth it and we tend to find our own worth in the process.

So my challenge to everyone who happens to stumble across this is to find that thing you inwardly struggle with, whatever it may be, and take a good hard look on why it is what it is.� And then decide what you can do to start changing it.� It isn't going to happen overnight and you even have moments of falling back into that old behavior because staying the same is always easier than changing.� But stick with it and don't give up.� Every day, every minute is a chance to make a different choice; a healthier choice and that health is not always physical.� It can be emotional or psychological.� What in your life is tearing you down in some way and why are you allowing it to?� Then figure out, start figuring out, what you can do to change it.� Empower yourself to change your life, one small choice at a time.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Year Surgiversary

Two years ago to the day, I was here:

Is it wrong to say that I barely remember looking like that?� Okay, I guess I do, but when I dug out these photos this morning, my mouth kind of fell open as I had not revisited them in a long time.� A very long time.� But the reality is that is who I once was.� No, not who.� Who I am hasn't really changed.� That was what I once was.�

In case you need another view:

Okay, granted, the hospital gown is technically not flattering, but you still get the picture....literally.

Two years ago today, I changed my life.� That change was not considered lightly.� Over a year of thought, research and preparation went into the decision.� I committed to it.� I knew that with this surgery came a lifetime commitment of exercise and healthy choices.� I knew I could indulge once in a while but that my overall old, bad habits had to be exiled for good.

I have to do those things for this girl...

....who was so uncomfortable in her own skin she felt trapped.� It's so hard to escape what you are that deep into a weight problem, but it is possible and not just by the route I took.� Different routes for different people, but there are ways out if you are just dedicated and vigilant.�

So two years ago today, my life changed.� To celebrate, I am going to the gym after work and run an easy mile (as I did my 2.5 miles yesterday and I generally don't run two days in a row, but I need to celebrate today that I can run) and maybe visit with the elliptical and a kettlebell.� I am going to feel strong and healthy in honor of what I am now.� I am going to rejoice in a body that can do amazing things I never thought it could do.� I am going to thank God for bringing me through the whole experience.

So what are you going to do today to celebrate you?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's the Little Things

So a few weeks ago in kickboxing, a few of us came to the decision that it was time we started learning the names of some of our fellow kickboxers.� I mean, I talk to many of these people when we are waiting in the hallway outside of the room for Spin class to be over, so we can go inside and I didn't know anyone's name!� So, I learned Teresa and Caryn and Barbara and Rod and a few others, so it was nice to have names to finally go with the face.

Last night, about 15 minutes into class, my sugar tanked.� I made the dire mistake of eating a few Twizzlers before leaving for the Y and every time, without fail, eating a "fat free" high sugar indulgence like that causes me to go hypoglycemic. I felt it coming on, the cold sweat (way to early into the class for that much sweat) and the feeling of not being able to keep up and actually being confused about what we were doing.� I stopped once or twice to take a drink of the new Crystal Lite with electrolytes but it wasn't helping very quickly, so I sent JJ to the car to grab me a butterscotch hard candy that I keep for such emergencies.� He returned with it and about five minutes later I was coming back to myself and able to keep up with class once again.

We reach the part of the class where Jack McFarland tells us to take a small break while he changes the music and then we run the whole cardio routine we have learned that night back to back several times.� Caryn and I walked over to our water bottles and towels and she remarked to me how hot it felt in there.� I agreed and then remarked to her that my blood sugar had tanked for a few minutes there and I'd had to send JJ out to the car for a piece of hard candy to bring it back up.� Caryn remarked she sometimes had the same problem and then said "Never had it until I had my gastric bypass."� My mouth fell open and then I told her I'd had the same surgery and we both agreed it was the best thing we ever did.� What's a little hypoglycemia in the midst of being able to keep up with a high intensity cardio workout?� I love finding other people who get where I've come from.

So if that wasn't enough excitement for me for one night, after class, Aaron, my teenager was chatting to Jack as we walked down the hall about this paper he had picked up in the gym about biking the C & O Canal and how he wanted to bike it with me.� I remarked that I wasn't sure I could ride 40 miles in a day.� Jack looked perplexed and said, "You don't think so?"

"My butt would hurt," I stated as it was better than saying "I love biking on the canal but my girly bits don't!"

Jack asked if I had a gel seat and I told him no and he said, "How about I bring mine in and you can give it a try," As I raised my eyebrows, wondering if he was kidding or not, he added, "Seriously."

There are some things I am still a teenager about and it is all good.� My GBC bringing me in his gel seat for me to try would be one of those things.� However, he will not be there next week so he will probably forget between now and then but we shall see.� But with The Brit going away a few days next week, Jack not being there means I get to chose a�new class to try.� I shall keep you informed.

Tomorrow, in lieu of Thursday 13, I am going to share some thoughts with you on a special day.� Anyone have any idea what tomorrow is and no, it is not my birthday?

I leave you with a quote I recently saw and loved:

"Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing."� Richard Bullock

Words to live by, in my opinion.

Happy hump day!

ETA: I need to say that today is Kelly's birthday, so Happy Birthday to one of the best people I have had the pleasure of calling "friend".� I told her on Facebook that I bought her a birthday card which is sitting on my desk at home....oh and she got what tomorrow is right away!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am finding that more and more people, men especially, have a lot of road rage.� I shot out to Martins (grocery store) on Sunday to pick up parsnips for dinner and this SUV tailgated me down Weisl Blvd.� I was going slightly over the speed limit, which apparently was not fast enough for him.� When the road again turned into two lanes, instead of passing me, he stayed on my ass much to my annoyance.� I was going to turn into the first enterance of the shopping center, but decided against it, thinking Mr. Impatient behind me was surely going there otherwise he would have passed me.� But nooooo.� He follows me into the second entry and stays on my butt, before rudely whipping around me near the gas pumps.� I watched him park and he and his wife/girlfriend/other woman/ho get out of car.� We walked into the store about the same time and he whips away from�his wife/girlfriend/other woman/ho to do his own shopping agenda apparently.� I made sure my cart whipped around the wife/girlfriend/other woman/ho's cart.� So there.

Yesterday, I was again making a grocery store trip for a can of cream of mushroom soup I needed for a recipe (I really need to plan my meals in advance in order to have all the ingredients on hand), so when I was turning into Food Lion, the person, another GUY, squealed his wheels out onto the road because he obviously had small male parts.

Right after the grocery store, I went up to the gas station as I have to take the mother to Frederick today for a follow up on the nose reconstruction and I had to drive around cars who were getting gas on the other side when I was finished.� Because I had to swerve out a little to go around them, I apparently made things difficult for the GUY who literally FLEW into the station in an unsafe manner, who yelled things at me.� I finished that conversation by waving at him with not all of my fingers.� What is up with these people?

According�to The Brit, Adam Lambert is the mentor on Idol tonight. Bring it!� I love him; my all time favorite Idol ever.� And Glee fans, here is a musical number spoiler for tonight if you are interested!� Cannot wait!� New Glee means new songs for on my ipod!

The top of my right foot is still hurting from yesterday's walk.� Any walkers reading here?� What shoes do you find the best for walking on road or off?� I was looking at a pair of Ryka's on eBay, but the reviews were mixed.� Very frustrating.� Ya'll know me, I don't pay full price for stuff.� I will eBay till I find a bargain on anything but running shoes.

I am also thinking of signing up for a 5K Walk-Run for Project 320.� Great cause, but I need someone to do it with...well, I don't have to have that but it would be� nice.� Take a look; date is May 29th and cost is $20.00.� I will probably not be running the whole thing because I will probably not have the outdoor stamina built up enough yet.� But I would like to start somewhere.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Twenty Miles in April Challenge: Completed!

However that does not mean I am finished for the month!�

Tod and I walked on the canal today for six miles and lemme tell you, I am worse off than I was after the 14 mile bike ride!� My calves hurt and my second toe on each foot is sore; probably a shoe issue combined with the rocky surface of the tow path.� Gotta tell you, when you spend $100 on a pair of running shoes and reserve them for running only, it bites because no other shoe feels as fabulous!� So yeah, ouch.�

I have to give out a very big "CONGRATULATIONS" today to my friend Kim, over at"Thoughts by Kim".� After many, many months of trying to conceive and then finally opted to go the adoption route, and then being *this* close to having a baby, she and hubby, John have brought home baby James!� I'm thrilled to bits for them.� I "met" Kim when I stumbled across her blog when I was researching WLS and left her a comment (probably a bunch of questions!).� Since her quest to be a mother began, I have had her on our prayer list and now, after much patience on her part, everyone's prayers have been answered.� Check her out and the new addition to the family over at her blog!

"Glee" is back tomorrow night and I am mega-psyched!� It has been a long hiatus!� Of course, this means that Tuesday nights are now "Glee" "American Idol" and "The Biggest Loser"!� Oy!

Did I tell you my youngest son convinced me to go into a lottery to chaperone his 4th grade trip to Annapolis on the 22nd?� They were going to draw names for which parents could go, so I let him talk me into it, all the while thinking that I have zero luck in lotteries or anything else.� Well guess what?� Only two parents said they would go, so guess who is going?� Guess I was thinking of that "luck" thing the wrong way...

Last night, a new kid showed up in our yard to jump on our trampoline.� Tod and I were sitting out on the deck while the six kids (my two and four neighborhood) jumped and at one point, my oldest let a four letter word slip.� I told him to watch his mouth.� A few minutes later, he must have let something else slip (showing off for his friends as teens like to do) and the new kid says "Aaron, watch your mouth.� You heard your grandmother."

Uh, excuse me?

I informed new kid that I would be his mother and not his grandmother.� He said "Sorry ma'am."

Ma'am?� Seriously?� And I am so not old enough to be a grandmother yet.

That kid needs a permission slip to jump before he is allowed back.

Grandma says so.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Frustrated Friday

So, not even a week out of Lent and Easter and I am beginning to get harrassed about VBS, which I have no clue about at all.� I don't know what the plan is, I don't know what the dates are and personally, it is my least favorite thing.� I think VBS is very beneficial, it is just not something I enjoy and I would love to just step down and let someone else take over.� I've been making some comments that we need to nail down a date but it hasn't gone any farther and at this point, we are going on vacation whenever we can get inexpensive flights, because I can't hold off forever in knowing what is going on.

It is also Friday and I am grouchy because I was hit up with this first thing this morning.� Some days I would like to just go back to simply being the secretary who sits in the pew on Sundays and doesn't run or coordinate anything.� Yes, I know I would miss co-leading the youth group and I would lose my mind without praise band, but I'm just feeling stressed and maybe not yet recovered from last week.

Okay, /rant and onto other things if I can think of any.� Not a clue what the weekend is holding and today my oldest, who is once again failing algebra for not turning in assignments, has therapy, thank GOD!� (He is probably also a major source of my stress.� VBS falls pretty low onto the list when I am trying to�help turn�this child into a productive member of society.� I have to have priorities after all).� So my plan is to get a run in, then tidy up the house before it gets all trashed again during the weekend when everyone is home,� and then pick him up from school.�

Holy crap, do I really want to try to go off my Zoloft?� I am in a serious funk today!� I need a bottle of wine or a massage or a valium or something.� Maybe a really long nap.� Nope, no time for that.� Maybe escape to an alternate universe?� One without kids or VBS or dirt?

My oldest son informed someone the other day that the only way he would stay out of trouble is if we chained him up in his room till he was 18.� Other than to say "That can be arranged" how do you react to that?� "Good idea, son!� It's great you are developing some problem solving skills!"??�

My youngest came home yesterday and just began complaining.

"What did you do with my frozen water balloon?� What are we having for dinner?� Pork?� Do I have to eat the meat?� I hate meat!� Is there protein in salad?� Can I just eat that?"

Those Calgon people lie.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: The Television Edition

TT is giving me a little bit of headache and I need to keep reminding myself that my 13 things don't need to be deep.� There just has to be 13 of SOMETHING.�

So for this week, I am going to grace you and possibly amuse you with some of my all time favorite television programs, some going way back to my adolecent years.� These are in no particular order and as I type this, I am still trying to think of a few more to hit that magical Thursday number!

� Beauty and the Beast.� I loved this show.� So romantic and when Vincent would ride on the top of that subway train, my heart would skip beats.� To hear him read Catherine poetry was sheer bliss.� They only lost me as a fan toward the end, when they violently killed off Catherine and tried to give Vincent a new love. Totally did not work.

�I have been a giant "Days of Our Lives" fan off and on for years, but no season of this soap was greater than the mid-eighties and the days of Kim and Shane, Bo and Hope and Steve and Kayla.� And no one was possessed by satan.

� Huge Eric Estrada fan and as a tween, no one was hotter in my book.� When he had his motorcycle accident, I sent him a get well card.� True story.

� I was not a Farrah fan, so this was my favorite cast of "Charlie's Angels".� My brother, friends and I used to pretend this was us....though my brother (the Chosen One...this was when he was fun) always had to double as both Bosley and the bad guy.� Oh and I was always Sabrina, the Kate Jackson role.

�"One Day at a Time" was the show that started me writing as I used to write fanfiction about it in my composition book.� As a twelve year old, I idolized Valerie Bertinelli, though the next show I would watch her in, she annoyed the crap out of me and that was when she joined the cast of another favorite show...

�"Touched By an Angel" was perfect with the cast pictured here, thank you.� And I still hope an Angel of Death that looks like John Dye takes me to heaven.

� Who can forget "The Donny and Marie Show".� Silly comedy but loved the music and those dolls they are holding?� Yeah, totally had those.

Another one I never missed in the 70s, but I adored Kristy McNichol.� Anyone remember the movie "Little Darlings"?

�"The Monkees".� Can you see my music theme with some of these?� I cried when this one was taken off the air, but I was like ten.� Davey was my favorite as even back then, I had a thing for the Brits.

If you blinked you may have missed this show, but I loved it for the handful of episodes it was on television.� Sexy boy meets pretty girl and it is all romantic but of course, there are issues.� The hopeless romantic in me still misses this one.

� Another short lived series about sisters called "Related" and it brought you one of my favorite terms, "Ass-boobie" when one sister is reading another sister's psyche book and decides "I think I have tourettes...ass-boobie!"� Very quirky and fun.

� "Fame" the television series beat out the movie for me a million times over.� Great music and I still love to watch the reruns even though they are so dated.� And how on earth did Leroy dance in those short shorts without his junk coming loose is beyond me.

� Lastly is the Fame of this generation, "Glee".� Quirky, politically incorrect, funny, endearing.� If you are not watching this show, you should be and it returns Tuesday night after "Idol".� Be there!

Wanna play Thursday 13?� Join us here!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Don't Ever Think I Have it All Together

I love the idea of inspiring people, but never think for a moment that I don't know how difficult any weight loss or health journey is...and most people will not start it with weight loss surgery like I did.� That was my answer and for me it was the right one, but answers are different for everyone.�

But I have learned a few things about the benefits of exercise and eating well most of the time.� I try�to never take one day of this journey for granted.� On days like today, when exercise feels really hard, I do it anyway, mostly for my own benefit but also so that when I blog about it, you all know that I know it is not easy.� I never want to pretend that I find it easy, but in some small way, I do hope to occasionally inspire someone to not give up, to make a positive change, to put themselves�first.�

See, I get it.� I mean, I really and truly get it.� When I see someone struggling with weight my heart aches because I have been there.� Hell, I am still there!� It doesn't go away and I may never see the number I want to see on my scale, but I do think I have taken control of my health.� So though by the world's standards, I still have�a weight problem, my health is so much better because of exercise more than anything.� So when my heart aches for those struggling, I always hope to say that one little thing that may click in someone's brain.� One little thing that may make someone say, "You know what?� I can do something.� I can take a walk, I can join a gym, I can�take time to plan some meals."� Whatever that something may be that someone needs to work on.�

But never think I am sitting here thinking "Yeah, I got it all figured out.� Listen to me."� Because I don't and I hope I never come across that way.� I just want people to know that I get it.� I get that it's exercise when you aren't used to it, to exercise when it feels like you have no free time in a busy schedule, to cook healthy when you hate to cook, to decipher what is truly healthy in a grocery store full of lies.� I get it and I struggle with all these things on a daily basis.� But what I have figured out is that all those things are so, so worth the effort.� It is worth it, I promise you, to find an hour in your day to exercise.� Go for a walk at lunch (free!), buy a walking DVD ($20), ride a bike, play ball with your kids, walk your dogs.� A gym membership is not a requirement and they are expensive, especially when you are busy and have to try to plan a workout around their hours of operation.� But exercise does not mean a gym, though it can but so not a prerequisite.� Just do something.� Anything.� What I promise you will find after a short period of time is that you overall feel better.� That you have more energy during the day.� That you sleep better at night.� that mornings are not unbearable because you so cannot drag yourself out of bed.� It is worth it. YOU ARE WORTH IT.�

I had a very similar situation with cigarettes.� I loved smoking.� Holy crap, LOVED IT!� It was my comfort zone, my stress reducer, my relaxing activity.� But when I decided that attempting to be a runner and smoking just are a conflict of interests, I gave it all up.� Did I miss it?� Hell yeah.� But let me tell you something...I feel so much better for no longer doing it.� My taste buds work better, my sense of smell is more acute, I don't gasp for air after walking up a flight of steps.� Again, it was hard but worth it.� I WAS WORTH IT.

Find your worth.� It is what I most want for all of you.� And if I, in my messy, trying to figure it all out way, can in some small way inspire you once and awhile, I will be a very happy camper.� I just want to pay it forward because people supported me in my journey and continue to support me.

I support you.� YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The One Where He Charged the $91

So as many of you know, my oldest adopted son has ADHD, which is challenging.� Being on Adderall, his appetite tends to be suppressed in the middle of the day, so he rarely eats lunch at home.� Now, the kids are permitted by us to buy their lunch at school two days a week and they can check out the menu and decide which two days they want to buy.� The other three days, I would pack them and I make the effort to buy things they like for in their lunch.�

So about three months ago, I got an email from Aarons's teacher, stating he was finding Aaron's packed lunches stuffed behind the filing cabinet in his classroom.� So, Aaron, myself and his therapist discussed it and came to the decision that we would continue to put money on his lunch account for him to buy twice a week but if he wanted a bagged lunch the other three days, he had to pack it himself and he agreed.

Fast forward to last Thursday.� The kids are at grandma's and I get a bill from the high school cafeteria for NINETY-ONE DOLLARS.� The school had given a 14 year old kid almost $100 worth of credit for lunch!� Can you believe it??� So after a long discussion with Aaron about finding a way to pay off his bill, I called the school today.� When finally transferred to the right person, I questioned how the school enabled my son to have almost $100 worth of credit and he responded with...wait for it...."We feed our children here..."

Okay, my next words were not sweet, but he got a bit of an ass chewing about how I also feed my children but when they are stuffing their lunches behind a filing cabinet in a classroom and then purchasing lunch when the rules have been established by his parents and he is aware of them, that the last thing I need is the school helping him to do as he pleases.� The dude backed off pretty quickly and then his attitude turned around to "What can I do to help?"� So now Aaron has no credit.� The rule is simple: no money on his account, no purchase.� Period.� What I really cannot believe is that they allowed it to get to that amount before letting me know!� Sheesh.� C'mon with the parents here!� There is often a method or reason for what we do, so if you have a question, freakin' ask!

So there you have the latest saga.� Kickboxed tonight...running tomorrow!

Monday, April 5, 2010

First Ride of the Season

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!� Mine was very nice; church and my mother's house for dinner.� Very relaxing for the most part and my busy work�season is over till December.�

So, I am thinking of trying to wean myself off my Zoloft.� It's a bit of an experiment for several reasons.� When I went on it, we had just gotten the kids, which was very stressful as the oldest is ADHD, and as new parents, dealing with that...well, it was rough.� I was also over 300 pounds at that time and not exercising much.� I had rather severe bouts of PMDD, where I would cry for a few days before my period started, which is what led to medication.� Now, I am hopefully a bit better at parenting and though the oldest, who is now a teen, is still stressful, I think I am handling him a bit better most of the time.� I am also down 109 pounds and working out regularly.� I had a conversation with someone over the last few days who was on another anti-depressant and gained 45 pounds over the course of 4 years.� She weaned herself off it, and her weight is now coming off.� So, I am wondering if the Zoloft is at all contributing to my inability to bring my weight below 200.� Worst case scenario is I am a basketcase off the meds and I go back on it.� So, I am researching the best way to wean off of it and I will keep you posted.� Right now, it is my time of the month, so I am not going to attempt the weaning until after that is finished.� Timing is hopefully everything.

Today, Tod and I took the bikes out for the first ride of the season....14 miles.� Other than the painful girly bits and rear end, it was a very nice ride and slightly farther than I went last year as we found ourselves at Dam #5.

Not sure if you can make out the cross through the trees, but I liked it.

Happy Monday, peeps!� Back to work tomorrow!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: The Bloggy Love Edition

So I have some mad love for some bloggers.� They are my main source of reading material anymore because I learn a lot from them.� We all have different perspective and I think it is nice to see something from a different angle other than mine occasionally.� Considering something new is not a bad thing.

So for today's TT edition, I am going to share with you a few of my faves.


  1. Fat Girl Running: Holly is a hoot and as she says is on a journey from "Journey from fat dyke to luscious lesbian..".� Like me, she is going through the ropes of becoming a runner (correction, we ARE runners.� I need to tell myself this about a twenty-eleven times a day) and does it with humor.
  2. Run, Bitch, Run:�This gal is painfully honest and can tell a great story.� Yesterday, she celebrated 19 years of sobriety.� Show her some blogging love.

  3. Shut Up and Run:�Another amusing running blogger, who is always good for a very funny poop story!

  4. Write-Sizing: Though I hate that term as it reminds me of where I once worked in Corporate America (shudder), she is very thought provoking.� She's lost some weight in the last few years and talks about the highs and lows of exercise, maintaining and losing weight.

  5. The Athena Diaries: Again, very honest blogger with a sense of sarcasm I admire.

  6. Post Secret: Not a blog really but I love this site and if you don't read it, you should.� Anonymous postcards are sent in, revealing deep secrets and new ones go up each Sunday (I call it "Post Secret Sunday, YAY!").� Some secrets are disturbing, some thought provoking, some funny and some can being me to the verge of tears.�

  7. Run. Ride. Live: Just discovered him and I have liked what I've read so far.� Check him out!

  8. Fatty Fights Back:�Another fairly new read for me.� She is a WLS patient who has reinvented her life after losing weight.

  9. Shredheads:� This blog is brought on by Jillian Michael's Thirty Day Shred and is a great read with lots of great fitness advice.� When I first started running (Not like now, being a seasoned runner and all...) I did a lot of reading here.

  10. My Fifteen Minutes to Better Fitness:� This is where Emily, who introduced me to the Daily Mile blogs with some friends...though it took me awhile to realize there were friends.� But I finally had that light bulb moment last week.

  11. The Anti-Jared:�This guy has lost over 200 pounds by diet and exercise and he is amazing.� Check out his pics.� It can be done.

  12. Recovering Fatty:�Another WLS gal.� I love reading about these journeys as much as I love reading the journeys of those who lost weight without WLS.� There is no right or wrong way to lose in my opinion; it's just different for everyone but what it really takes is the desire to do it, and the acceptance that changing means you need to change which means implementing changes.� You can either sit back and watch the world pass you by or you can be an active part of your life.� Now that I have experienced both, I pick the active life.

  13. Ride (or Tri!) Like a Girl:��I love Donna because she is about my age and runs and exercises.� She was the first person I ever talked to about running and how to get started, so thanks, Donna!

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