Monday, September 3, 2012

Pink Eye and Weight Gain and Sinuses...Oh My!

Life has been rough since August 12th.  Started with a sinus infection which has gone on forever despite antibiotics.  Now I have spent the holiday weekend with bilateral pink eye, which has been bangin'. They look slightly better now than they did this morning so i am hoping the eye antibiotics are working.

So here I am again, trying to turn over a new leaf.  I could probably not even step up the exercise (though it would not hurt) if I turned down the food.  Every day starts out with the best of intentions, but then something gets stressful or there is a better lunch offer on the table than what I have brown bagged, and it all goes to hell.  

Obviously, control with food has always been an issue in my life and WLS did not fix it.  I am far from gaining everything back I lost but I also know if I don't get things back in order, it could only be a matter of time.  I'm in an exercise rut as well; still kickboxing once a week and walking a few nights a week but I need to switch up the walking route I think.  I have read that the body gets accustomed to one routine and it no longer reacts the way we want it to.  It's just easier to keep walking the same route.

Nighttime snacking is another issue, so issues I got!  Carbs have always been the issue.  Oddly enough, I love fresh fruits and veggies but prepackaged carbs are easier.  Do we see a theme here?  

Working full time has given me an issue the last year and a half.  I am tired when I get off work and morning workouts are not really an option due to kids, school and well, I am not a morning person.  The flip side of this, of course is that getting my weight back down will make me feel better in all aspects.

The other battle I face is living with all males who eat all the freakin' time. An hour after dinner, they are back in the fridge and then a half hour after that, etc.  The good news is that usually they are watching male stuff on television so I go upstairs.  What I need to change is that when I go upstairs I need to get on the treadmill and watch something interesting.  It is easy (there is that word again) to fall into the patterns of those around you, whether it be at home or at work.  I work with many people who are not healthy eaters, several who get fast food several times a week, one who does not eat properly as in she doesn't eat enough (for lunch she drinks a bottle of water if she is hungry).  I can easily fall into the fast food pattern and have on too many occasions lately.  

Now the good news is that every day is a new start.  Tomorrow it begins again.  I know how to play by the rules and need to go back to not doing what is easy.

Easy needs to no longer exist in my health world. 


  1. Wow, look at you, all new again. It's a shame that changing ones habits isn't as easy at changing their blog layout...or maybe it is? I've managed to change a lot of my habits lately...mainly since The Hubby is now living in State College. You can do it too darling. It really is easy. Easy is what we make it. One little easy thing at a time. Two belt loops down and a chest I'm not afraid to show people...easy!

  2. I agree with you that knowing your pitfalls is the best place to start. Turning them around for the positive (like what you said about the treadmill) is what it's all about. Anyone who has battled with weight as long as we have knows how to eat, and knows how to move. It's the obstacles that we put in our own way that need to be eliminated. Everything else is just physics– more calories have to go out than in. You’ve got this-just know it in your heart and you will move forward.