Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recovery is a Process

So pink eye or as the doctor said "viral conjunctivitis" takes a long time to heal when your doctor sucks.  Thus was my experience with The Bergman Eye Center.  The doctor told me even after a second visit that it just had to run its course.  After nine days of not being able to read, drive or watch television, missing two days of work and popping pain killers for the agony that had become my eyes which looked like they were bleeding, I consulted my regular eye doc (my PCP had set up the specialist appointment with Bergman).  My eye doc was appalled at the treatment I had received and promptly prescribed me three medications that had me improving in 12 hours.  Almost three weeks later, my eyes are still not completely back to normal, but I have been able to resume normal activities.  

Food-wise I am doing better.  I am in the process of setting new rules for myself such as:
1) No fast food-cannot believe I fell back into this at all.  It was not severe but it was bad enough to remind myself that I know better.
2) No soda.  One cup of coffee, then water or tea.  Period.  No diet soda either.  Too much sodium and I have read some scary things about diet soda.
3) Exercise is a must.  

I  have lost eight pounds in the last two weeks.  I can handle that.  I am a dieting expert but now it is time to become a food expert.  I know what is bad for me and bad is okay now and then, but only now and then.   The fact remains that I feel so much better when I eat well.  When I eat crap, I feel like crap and every time I feel like crap I am reminded of that fact.  Wish I could bottle the horrible feeling unhealthy food gives me and take a tiny sip of it when I am tempted to not eat well.  It would make my life so much easier.  

Okay, going to try to blog much more regularly now that I can see again!



  1. Hi Hon, glad your eyes are feeling better. I like your rules, I found that just changing 2 things in my diet led to amazing results. For me it was removing processed sugar and processed flours. Yours are great choices too! I was amazed how such small changes made such a big difference in how a felt and how I was beginning to look. Exercise is the other important part. I can't get back to the elliptical machine yet because of the blood clots, but I did get back to the weights. It's made enough of a difference that The Hubby commented 2 weeks ago, "Sweetie, you're tan...and are those muscles???" :-)

  2. Glad you're back and the eyes are better. I'm thinking of doing away with diet soda as well, at least limiting it - I use to only have the soda after having at least 6 servings of water, need to get my water intake back up! I'm also hearing horrible things about "Splenda", so I've switched to Truvia. Trying to get into eating more "real" foods and less "processed" ones! And just say NO to fast food!

  3. Glad to hear the list inspired you. Enjoy! R