Thursday, May 21, 2009

Confessions and a Plug

The biggest news of the day is that my scale hath finally moved!  Now with that, I have to confess that I had not been holding steady at 208 the last few weeks.  My weight had actually crept up a bit as far as 213, which freaked me out, thus calorie counting, etc.  Of course, then I realized, with Celia's help, that my carbs were out of control, so I have been working tirelessly to reduce that number.  I have stayed away from the scale for almost two weeks now, afraid to look at it, but instead focused on what I was eating and getting a form of exercise five days a week as I had also been somewhat been lax in that area as well.  Today, the stricter regiment paid off as from 213, I am down to 206, which is that much closer to my next goal of 199.9.

Here is what I am learning:  I can never be an out of control snacker.  I cannot graze, wandering to the kitchen for something to nibble on all day and evening long.  When the urge hits, I try to do something else now and have actually started picking up fiction reading again in the evenings or in the afternoons, I've been taking a book out to the deck with my water.  It helps more than you can imagine. 

I have not cut out all carbs, but instead am choosing fruit (no more bananas for the most part) and veggies as my snacks when I need to have something.  I have stopped my cereal in the mornings other than in an emergency, instead reaching for scrambled eggs with some cheese for the protein.  What I am also discovering with this is that eating the eggs in the AM instead of the cereal, I am full for MUCH longer through the morning, which automatically is cutting back on my snacking.

I can't ever give up with this and I can't let myself fall back into old habits, which is so easy to do.  Doing so, results in gains on the scale and after losing over 100 pounds, I don't want it back again.  EVER.  England is going to be a challenge, but I am trying to mentally get things into place.  If we were only going for a week, I would not have to be as careful, but three weeks?  I could do serious damage.

Next, if you remember, I pitched "The Amish Project" to you awhile back.  Check out Jessie's video and if you are going to be near the Rattlestick Playwrights Theater in New York, June 4-June 28th, check out this show!  It is amazing!  I wish I was going to be here if for no other reason than to see it again!

The Amish Project Video from Rehana Mirza on Vimeo.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss and the healthy choices. Yeah, England will be hard. Vacations in general are hard b/c you eat out more, and when you stay with other people, you're at the mercy of what they make for you. Just try to get in some activity every day, make the best choices you can, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! :)

  2. i'm in the same boat with the carbs and snacking, and kudos to you for reengineering a plan that works!! you go, girl! that's inspiring because i'm in the process of create such a plan for myself!

  3. Totally unrelated...but I LOVE the hair...are you totally digging it or what?

  4. Kim, I could say I feel your pain but I really feel your struggle...I'm down about 73 lbs. now sometimes feel myself slip. I had a few chips over the weekend and I gotta tell you ..THAT SALTY taste ..yummy...but only a few and then reality knocked me back ..LOL
    Good luck in England but remember you are only there 3 weeks and will probably be doing a lot of family stuff. Don't beat yourseld up to bad and remember it's a marathon not a race ...
    Have a happy memorial day.