Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hump Day

My situation seems to be better, thank God!  Tension is gone, some conversation was had, life feels better.  It always does me so much good to write out my feelings here and to reread them, take them in again, try to sort them out.  It helps me to understand me better as often when I write "in the moment" about something that has happened, I am writing off the top of my head, writing what comes to mind out the situation.  Way cheaper than therapy.

Tod went to kickboxing with us last night and he was convinced I was trying to kill him.  When we got there and were talking to Jack McFarland, Jack questioned me as to why I had not been staying for floor work. I told him I hated floor work and besides, I had not brought my mat.  He pointed me to the front desk to get a towel.  Damnit!

The routine was especially grueling last night; one I had only done one other time before and had trouble picking up.  Last night with this routine was moderately better and that is not saying much.  Then the big bully Jack made us do the floor work.  Push ups. Can we discuss my knees?  Really needed my mat as towel was not cutting it!  Push up again and again and then HOLD.  Ouch.  Then crunches and then some crap about sitting down, putting our arms and elbows against the floor, hooking legs at the ankles and lift.  Are you kidding me?  I had a bit of difficulty at first because I was facing away from him and couldn't see what he was doing, so he came around to help me.  I told him I didn't like him anymore.  He told me I loved him and I knew I did.  Brat.

My mat is now in my car.

Tonight I am doing park laps with Tod at seven as it is too nice not to walk.  Then the finale of American Idol.  Dial Idol says that with measuring last night's busy signal, the winner is too close to call, which means a small margin between Adam and Kris. Adam simply has to win, though he doesn't need the AI contract; I'm sure he will be in popular demand once the show is over.

I'm hoping to work from home on Friday to work on the graduate powerpoint for church as it is easier to work with photos and music with my own programs.  However, I forgot to run it by the pastor today so will have to wait till tomorrow to get clearance though I doubt it will be a problem.  Then of course, it is a three day weekend and....

Eeek...two weeks from today we leave for England!

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  1. I'm glad that you're feeling better. If I could have talked to my little virtual trainer last night - I would have told her that she was MEAN and trying to kill me... oh... go read my post about that stinking game. It's HARD!