Sunday, May 31, 2009

Final Weekend before Take off....Check!

So, seventy-two hours from now, I will have been in the air for just over three hours on my way to England.

Holy Moses, I still have a lot to get done!

Today was church, then went to see friends in the production of "Grease" that I changed my mind about auditioning for.  They did a fabulous job, but "Grease" for me will never be the same since seeing my BFFF's high school do it his senior year.  Something about teenagers playing the parts of teenagers was very appealing and very real for me.

Got home with little time to spare before the youth group was coming over for one final meeting regarding the mission trip, before I leave for vaca.  These kids are so much fun and we always enjoy having them around.  There is not one amongst them I don't like or enjoy, and it is always a pleasure to be in their company.

So now that the social things I needed to do are done, it just leaves work (list is made), a few things from the store (I need to make a list!), and some cleaning odds and ends around here, so I can at least leave knowing my house is tidy.

You know, I've come to realize  that in the last year, I have really started taking care of me.  Oh, I think I still take care of others I need to take care of, like the husband and the kids especially, but I have finally, since my surgery, placed myself a little higher up on the priority list.  I make time to work out.  I make sure I average 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  I let a lot of things just roll off my back because I either can't change them or can now tell if it is something really worth my worrying about.  I've come to accept the fact that life is always going to throw you punches, but I can't spend my time worrying about what the punches will be.  Worrying about them won't make them not happen.  When they do happen, I do my best to get done what needs to happen to get through the situation and I try to do it with a little bit of grace and a lot of humor.

Taking care of ourselves is so important, especially as women, I think.  We are too quick to put our spouses and children in front of ourselves,but if we don't take care of ourselves, we are not going to be around to take care of our families.  The concept is really rather easy, yet we feel selfish when we take this route, but it only makes sense.  We can place everyone else's needs in front of our own and let our own health deteriorate, or we can keep ourselves healthy so we can keep taking care of those important to us.

Why does it take us so long to learn this lesson?

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  1. Kim, I absolutely relate to the self-care stuff... I don't think WLS is just about weight. It's about learning to REALLY take care of ourselves for the first time ever, which involves exercise/eating/sleep/sprituality, etc etc etc. It's truly a new way of living. Feels SO MUCH better!!! :)

    And it's strange to me that we have to learn this on our own after much trial and error. I wish there had been some kind of class/mentorship situation as a teenager where I learned some of these lessons before my health was at risk. Maybe you can teach your youth groups girls all about self-care! :)