Tuesday, May 12, 2009

English Vocab

So Jil had commented on my use of the word "sussed" in yesterday's post.  She uses it as she had lived in the UK and I use it because I married into a British family.  I thought I'd bring back a few other memories for Jil.  Some of these words are considered curse words in England but beings they aren't considered that here so much, I prefer to use them.

We have the name calling such as wanker, sod and pillock (not sure if the later is spelled right), but my favorite of all the British saying is "fafing about".  Jil, do you know that one?  I have also adopted "car park" as opposed to our American parking lots.  There are the "boots" and the "bonnets" of cars.  "All right?" is the same as saying "Hello, how are you?", there is "blast" and "bugger it" as well as the more commonly used over here "bloody".  "Bob's your uncle, Fannies your aunt" is sort of like saying it is "done and dusted."  Flippent British kids are more referred to as "Cheeky" and "dodgy" items or people cannot be trusted.  If you are tired you are "knackered" and may need to have a "kip" or a nap and if you lose your job, you have been made "redundant".  If you have successfully solved a problem you have "sorted it."  If you tease you are "taking a mickey."

So there is your fun little British vocab info for today!  There are many more, but those are my favorites and the ones I use from time to time.

I still can't figure out how to import my food journal here, so if you sign up at Livestrong, you can friend me looking under "Kimbre" and then you view my diary.

Oh and JJ asked me Sunday morning: "How long do you have to be in England to get an accent?"


  1. Thanks Kim...lol...That's brilliant, I'd give ya snog if you weren't so bloody far away...perhaps down the road, I can visit with you and your man for a wee bit or so...what ya think flossy?

  2. I always blows my mind at the different words that are used. Even by different regions of our own country... I wish I had an interest in such things... I've never been able to learn languages though - because in my head it will never be anything more than an apple... I just can't get past that. :-)

  3. I watch Hell's Kitchen and when he is ready to let them go he always says pissed off or is it piffed off. It always takes me off guard because the first word isn't so nice in America.