Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just for Fun

So with a little help from yours truly, The Brit's former boss and all the time friend, Arnie, needed some photos of The Brit to decorate with for his birthday.  So, as he was off work yesterday, today when he went into work, he was assaulted with rather large photographs and could be a wee bit incriminating.

Something along the likes of this:

I tried to crop this stupid photo to make it right but anything done in Photoshop annoys me to death because I can't use it and I don't feel like yelling back and forth to the living room.  Anyway, The Brit's mum had entered him in some kind of drag beauty contest and he came in second...and now everyone in his company knows it.

Tomorrow is finally Friday and Friday Night Lights (YAY!) though my day starts out with taking the suspended child back to school FINALLY but we have to meet with the school psychologist to make sure he isn't crazy.  He's not, but I may be well on my way. 

Saturday is a day out with the girls and I am very much looking forward to this as I won't really see anyone in June!

Hope I gave you your chuckle for the morning!


  1. PRICELESS! I want a copy of this picture! If you find yourself at Walmart again at 11 pm tonight take the photo with you so you can bring me a copy tomorrow!

  2. Oh man - I hope they got his reaction on film!! Is he speaking to you? HA! Very cool!

  3. One word..."AWESOME"

    Happy birthday to 'The Brit'