Friday, May 29, 2009

The New Rage: Adam Lambert

So I have to blog about my boy at least once since Idol is over.

I was immediately intrigued by Adam when we were informed he was a theater guy.  Coming from lots of community theater myself, my ears perked up right away.  Then I heard him sing and I'm not always sure there are words to describe it.

No, not every genre he sings appeals to me; I have never been a heavy metal girl, but there is no denying this kid has pipes like I have not heard...well, for almost as long as I can remember.  Even with the singing put aside, he appears to be down to earth, articulate, kind and humble.  Personally, I'm glad he didn't win Idol, though he should have.  He doesn't have the Idol ball and chain around his ankle for a year and is free to do his own thing.  Sure, I like Kris Allen and kept remarking to The Brit about how the "dark horse" in the competition was growing on me.  Liked him?  Yeah.  Loved him?  Nah, that goes strictly to Adam.

The public seems to love him as well.  I've been watching interviews online and reading the comments from fans.  He has shaken up the industry.  Queen wants him to perform with them.  Clay Aiken bashed him the first chance he got, and for me, having always been a Clay fan, that lack of class knocked him down a few dozen pegs in my book. 

I'm rather annoyed by all the speculation on Adam's sexuality, however.  I mean, who cares? The kid can sing, he is easy on the eyes and appears to have a great personality.  Why should his personal life matter?  I know that with fame, comes all sorts of comments and speculations about every aspect of a celebrities life, but what gripes me are those who prefer to judge him or anyone on sexuality.  I had someone say to me "I really love to hear Adam sing, but I don't like what I've been seeing on the internet about him. You know, about him probably being gay."

Get over yourself.  The guy has more vocal talent in his little finger than so many do in their whole family.  I just don't get nor will ever get that kind of negativity surrounding sexual orientation.

For me, I totally plan on seeing this guy on Broadway or in concert one day.  I have not been to a music concert in YEARS, but I will be on the phone to order tickets for Adam's show as soon as he is performing near me.

Totally amazing.

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  1. I really thought he would win AI. It;s just too sad he didn't. I like him the way I like previous winner David Cook. :)