Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ending the Day the Same Way I Started it....


Maybe it was the long weekend, but this morning I just woke up tired and continued on that way.  I got lots done at work....

Finish graduates 2009 powerpoint
Do four weeks worth of PP announcements
Finish the newsletter
Go over information with volunteer who will be helping out in the office while I am away.
Call Wolfe's about June 20th car wash
Call Trivent rep about June 20th car wash
Get all copies of kid's paperwork for mission trip

...so I'm getting there.

Got very little done at home other than dinner, making something for The Brit's potluck tomorrow and using up our bananas before they went off in a sugar free jello pudding.  Then it was off to kickbutt class.  I have changed the name of the class as of tonight as Jack kicked all our butts this evening!  Man!  He is so nice in every other aspect!  I get there early just to chat with him as me and the Jack McFarlands of the world get on well together.  He's funny, engaging, concerned on how my knees are doing and has a good ear for listening.  But put him in front of a class, and man-o-day!  He can be brutal and reduce me to a puddle of sweat on the floor.

I will totally miss him in the month of June, but also do not look forward to my first class in July after being gone for so long!

I was sitting in the living room tonight and had an interesting text message conversation that went something like this:

An incoming message that said, "Um, I'm pregnant."

There was no name attached to the number, so my mind was racing.  Holy cow, is this one of my youth girls?  No, can't be...I have their cell numbers and their names would totally show up!  So I reply with:

"Who is this?"

"Ain't this Henry?"  (I've been called a lot of things before, but never Henry!)

no sorry

"OMG, I'm so sorry.

thats ok good luck

"please don't tell no one or give my number out i will get killed jk but still and thx for the luck

your secret is safe tho i dont know who you are anyway

"ok thx bye"

Then another incoming message from her:

do i kno u r u in Hagerstown and go to school here

i live in hagerstown but am an adult. are you a student


high school?  Are you pregnant for sure?

yes and yes I took three tests my mom wants me to get an abortion but i dnt believe in that r u a woman

yes, I am a woman. do you know there is a pregnancy crisis center downtown?  they would be happy to talk to you.  i don't know them personally but I work at a church and get mailings from them.

thx alot and goodbye please pray for me and i thnk u a lot

I will pray for you and hope you find the right solution.


Blog fodder from a wrong number.  But my heart goes out to her.  We all make choices that sometimes lead us to trouble.  I hope she stands her ground with her mother.  Though I don't think a high school student should raise a child, there are other alternatives to abortion in this situation. Yes, there are always other alternatives to abortion, but you all know I am pro-choice simply because we never know someone else's circumstances or what they have gone through, ie rape, incest, etc.  But this kid is already against abortion and if she can give birth to a healthy baby, there are families out there who would love to adopt it. 

So I'll keep this girl in my prayers.  I don't know who she is, but God does.


  1. Would it be wrong if my first thought was wishing you could text her back and tell her about this great couple in Texas that needs a baby badly?!

  2. Kim H's response cracked me up!

    And I don't believe in accidents... this girl was cosmically meant to text you, and you gave her all the right information! :)